Travel Norway Its Easy Land of Tunnels Ferries & Bridges

Travel  Norway Information

Travel Norway. The majority of visitors coming to Norway by plane arrive at Oslo at Norway’s main airport Gardemoen. Olso Torp Vestfold is served by Ryanair Norwegian and some of the larger towns and cities in western Norway such as Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim, also have their own international airports.

Travel Norway 

There are good car ferry connections to Southern Norway and Bergen and Stavanger from Denmark and Northern Germany. Many visitors also travel by bus, car, train and cruise ship. Travel Norway. It is worth noting that you’re allowed to shop duty-free when travelling to and from Norway, as it is not a member of the European Union. Despite the many natural obstacles such as fjords and mountain ranges, travelling around Norway is easy thanks to the many car ferries, tunnels and bridges, And a good road network. Train and bus links are also well developed.


Getting Around Norway

Norways efficient transport system include trains buses and fairies and that often arev timed to link with each other. The handy NSB train timetable is available free from train stations, details rail timetables and indicates information on connecting buses. Boat and Bus departures  vary with the seasons and the day services on Saturday and Sunday are  particularly sparse so pick up the latest timetables from regional tourist offices.

The norwegian Rail lines extend as far north as Bodø so  you can also reach Narvik  from Sweden, but further north you’re limited to buses and ferries. Thanks to the great distances, bus fares can add up, but Inter Rail and Scan pass holders are in entitled to discounts on some northern routes. Some express boats and buses offer a 50% discount for the second person when two people travel together, so it pays to ask.

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