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Brave Scotsman Returns from Norwegian Odyssey
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Brave Scotsman Returns from Norwegian Odyssey

James Baxter is a businessman from Edinburgh, Scotland, who decided that the easiest way to raise money for his favourite charity was to travel 4,000 miles around Norway.  Using only a pair of skis, a bike and a kayak!


James Baxter in his Kayak

James started his incredible journey in January 2009 and for the next four months he skied the 2700 km up the length of Norway from Lindesnes in the south to Kinnarodden in the north.  He then had a snowy cycle on wintery roads for 400 km across the north of Norway to the Russian border. There he started the 3300 km paddling trip along the entire coast of Norway to the south and up to Oslo.

Half of his punishing journey was above the Arctic Circle, making the cycling especially difficult, but the kayaking proved to be the toughest part of the ordeal, James said; "There have been a few times I have been 'life-scared' as the Norwegians say, when I have been in my kayak, stuck in huge swells and not been able to get out. I have been very scared on a couple of occasions, I must admit."

Not one to be easily defeated though, James successfully completed the voyage on 6th September raising thousands for an African educational charity.

Congratulations James - any time you want a more relaxing holiday to norway, give us a call!

Find out more about James' adventure on his website