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FEATURED - The perfect cabin retreat

tn_38778__DSC9249a_1297790834Norwegian Wood cabin is for many the perfect log cabin.  Secluded and peaceful, surrounded by forest and breathtaking landscapes, with essential creature comforts including an outdoor hot tub.

The cabin is easy to reach from Oslo's airports, in an excellent location for hiking, fishing and winter sports, yet only an hour from the beautiful Norwegian coast. 

The cabin is furnished to a high standard and is a wonderful place to come home to relax by the fireside after adventures in the great outdoors!

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Featured Hotels 

Dragsvik Fjord Hotel

This family owned hotel – an intimate and cosy choice – is centrally located on the Sognefjord, in Dragsvik in the municipality of Balestrand.


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Holidays in Norway

Norway Cabins, Cottages and Holiday Ideas Getting away from it all the Norwegian way.

Cabins and country cottages are very popular with Norwegian holiday makers as well as foreign tourists. Often these cabins (the Norwegian word is hytte) are situated deep in the forest or by the sea and a must for anyone seeking tranquility and nature.

Norway Direct is happy to provide holidaymakers from the UK and around the world with some great ideas for your next summer holiday or winter break. Cabins by the sea or Cabins inland. Norway Direct can help find your perfect retreat.

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Although it is not often thought of as a place for summer holidays, Norway has far more than you can possibly imagine there are quiet seaside beaches, temperatures well into the 20's, and as much sun as you can soak up.

Then there is the quality of the air. The smell of the forest, wildlife in abundance magnificent nature and picturesque towns. Norway offers an abundance of outdoor activities for those looking for a more active holiday.

Summer Sun & Winter Fun

The idea that Norway is just about skiing and winter sports can't be further from the truth. In the summer temperatures often reach the 20's for days on end and there are plenty of resorts where you can soak up the sun on quiet beaches.

If you want to cool off then you are never far away from the forest and mountains where you can sample the magnificent nature and open spaces.

The glorious thing about Norway is you are so near to such a wide range of scenery. Winter of course can offer some of the most unspoilt areas for ski and winter sports resorts in Europe. Rent a log cabin and the piste is on your door step.

Accommodation & Holidays

Norway offers accommodation to fit any budget. Everything from luxury hotels to small, family operated hotels. Especially loved are the many fine, old wooden hotels that offer totally unique atmospheres.

Cottages and cabins are extremely popular among both Norwegian and foreign tourists looking for self catering holiday homes. You will find cabins for rent along the coast and fjords, in the woods, valleys and mountains.

Some are available for very short periods, others for a minimum of one week. Standards vary from the extremely simple to the very luxurious but what they all offer is the opportunity to experience the traditional Norwegian cottage cosiness that just can not compare with staying in a room in the city.

As we have already suggested, there are a number of different types of cabins available. There are many privately owned or managed cabins set in their own unique surroundings dotted around the countryside. These tend to be the most luxurious even coming with their own sauna or swimming pool. If they are by a lake there will often be a boat available to allow you to explore the shores or fish for your supper.

Many camp sites in Norway have cabins available to rent. Again these can vary from fully equipped holiday homes with kitchens, shower, and toilet; to more basic camping cabins providing more basic facilites but having other amenities within a few yards or so.

And finally, for the true country get away from it all experience, there are the true Norwegian hytte. Many are isolated and only reachable by foot, these cabins offer little in the way of creature comforts, but this is made up for by some stunning locations and an unforgettable vacation experience. Certainly not for the armchair lover!

Camping & Caravans

It is no suprise that with their love of the outdoor life, you are never far from somewhere to camp in Norway. If you plan to sleep in a tent, you may do so anywhere in forests or mountains except in cultivated fields for up to 48 hours, as long as your tent is no closer than 150 meters to the nearest house.

It is also forbidden to overnight in your camper closer than 150 meters to the nearest house or cabin. Remember that open fires are prohibited in woods and fields from April 15-September 15.

Many campgrounds have small cabins that can be booked in advance. Standards vary from small and simple to larger, well-equipped ones with common room, separate bedrooms, kitchen, shower and toilet.

Norway has more than 1000 campgrounds that are classified with 1-5 stars depending on their standard and available facilities. The cost per day ranges from NOK 80-150 for the camping site plus a per person fee.

Star ratings are an excellent guide when choosing a campsite. RBL/Klassifiseringsutvalget (a Norwegian classification body) have classified campsites, awarding them star ratings from one to five. the number of stars indicates the standard of the campsite.

There is usually an extra fee for electricity hook-up. The Norwegian Camping Card as well as the Scandinavian Camping Card, ensures you quicker registration and certain other advantages. It can be purchased at all associated campgrounds. The largest campgrounds usually have activities like swimming, either in a pool or at a beach, plus canoe, kayak, rowboat, and bicycle rentals.

Imagine a place where you can truly escape from the pressures of modern day life. A place where you can enjoy tranquility, fresh air and stunning landscapes.

Norway is a place where you can sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee while you relax and recharge your batteries. It is also a place where you can go skiing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, mountain biking, white water rafting, parasailing, paragliding and canyonning - to name but a few! There are endless activities on offer in Norway, and there is plenty of space for everyone to have a go, whatever their age or ability. Norwegians will always give encouragement and, with 70% of the population speaking English, you are sure to find someone to help you along the way.

Norwegians are also extremely warm, hospitable people and also very patriotic. They will do everything they can to make sure that you love their country as much as they do!

Although the population is just over 4 million, Norway is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, with an extremely efficient transport system and the most up to date computer systems. The old and the new sit happily side by side in a country that manages to maintain its old traditions at the same time as providing the best aspects of the modern world.

There is nowhere better to see this than in Norway's cities, where the past and the present blend together and where culture abounds with fantastic museums, shops, art galleries and restaurants. Norway's capital, Oslo, is a lively and bustling modern city yet steeped in Viking heritage and traditions. Alternatively, Bergen, known as "the gateway to the fjords" was originally a charming, 13th century, Hanseatic harbour town with streets of medieval wooden buildings, small bars and cafes and a harbourside fish market.

Norway is dominated by water, so it is hardly surprising to learn that, through the centuries, it has been renowned as a sea-faring nation. In fact one of the most popular ways of seeing the country is to join the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, otherwise known as the Hurtigruten and, not surprisingly, often referred to as "The World's Most Beautiful Voyage".

The 11 day round trip covers 2500 nautical miles and calls at 34 ports, towns and fishing villages from Bergen to the North Cape and on to Kirkenes on the Russian border. Highlights of the trip vary from season to season: in the winter you have the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights), while in the summer you can experience the long daylight hours and have the chance to see the Midnight Sun.

Norway is truly a year round destination with something to offer everyone. Escape to Norway and you'll be on top of the world.

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Featured Resorts 

Moen Family Resort Risor

The Moen Family Resort offers high quality accommodation near the picturesque town of Risor in Southern Norway - its combination of fresh air, sun and sea make it the perfect destination for a f...

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