Holiday Norway the ideal Family Holiday Destination

Holiday Norway is one of the largest countries in Europe. It covers 324,219 km². The most Southernly point, Lindesnes lies at about the same latitude as Aberdeen in Scotland, and the Northernmost tip near the north cape is at the latitude of 71° north. The Southern coastline bordering the Skagerrak, the North Sea, the Norwegian seaand the Artcic ocean measures 20,000 km or 12,400 miles. It is barely 430 km 267Miles at its widest point, and only 6 km for miles at its narrowest. Much of the country is habitable thanks to this warming affects of the Gulfstream. 

 Holiday Norway

The country has around 5 million inhabitants half of those live in Tthe capital of Norway Oslo.

Why a Holiday Norway Style

Norways magnificent scenery and nature has long captivated visitors. Spectacular fjords dent the rugged coastline, mountains rise above tranquill valleys. This is a country where music, art and literature and paint are part of its soul Norway is where at sports such as skiing and football are actively pursued, and current affairs or hotly debated. It is also the home of the Noble Peace Prize.

Wrapped around North Western Scandinavia like a prepared protective bastian against the elements, Norway is one of the most scenically beautiful places in Europe.

In Norway geological processes such as the land rising, the ice age and erosion has created a remarkably varied landscape. Deep fjords penetrate the coastal mountain ranges, they’re glassy green waters extending far inland to waterside towns and settlements . More than 75,000 islands lie offshore, providing shouted harbours and passageways for the numerous ferries, cruise ships and fishing boats that ply the coast. The capital Oslo, is a vibrant city centres around a harbour and guarded by a castle.

It is an eclectic place of traditional timber houses, stately neoclassical buildings and the latest in ultra modern architecture, with a thriving cafe life that spill outdoors in summer. Around the Oslo Fjord a summer playground teaming with boats is evidence of Norway Vikings heritage abounds. The Vikings were a warrior like maritime race who’s voyages took them as far as America in the direction of the Caspian sea. A Holiday Norway Style

North east of the capital fertile farmland and forests give way to lofty mountains with peaks reaching up to 2500 m 8200 feet and long slender valleys with lakes and rivers. The southern coast is lined with silver sand beaches set against a backdrop of the 1400 meter mountains plateau of the hard language are the West land on the West Coast, with a fishing port of Bergen and the super rich oil capital Stavanger has plenty to offer. A Holiday Norway Style

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