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Fjord Cruises Norway The worlds Most Beautiful Trip

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Fjord cruises are a great way to explore Norway, whether you take a fjord cruise, coast cruise or an arctic adventure cruise. 

There are many companies offering Norwegian Fjord Cruises starting from Dover. Fred Olsen Lines is just one of those companies 

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Norway Cruises and Coastal Cruises. 

Take the Hurtigruten cruise around the Norwegian coast visiting some beautiful and spectacular locations, from the picturesque islands of the south to the dramatic mountains of the north, via the stunning major fjords of the west coast. 

Hurtigruten the Worlds Most Beautiful Fjord Cruises

It was captain Richard With of the Veasteraalske Dampskipsselskab shipping company who initiated the coastal express amid much controversy. Few people believed it would be possible to operate and express route all year round, least of all during the dark days of winter. Since only poor maps existed of the treacherous Norwegian coast. Book Hurtigruten Today for Fjord Cruises.

However a contract was signed between with and the government in May 1895. At the beginning there were weekly savings and the nine ports of call between Trondheim and Hammerfest in the summer. In winter the boats stopped at Tromsø.

The coastal express soon proved to be a lifeline for the community is along the route. Today, to shipping lines operate 11 ships, with daily south and north bound to departures and call in at 34 ports, it has been called the worlds most beautiful voyage.

The Fjord Cruises Voyage all year round.

In summer while basking on the day can be a little like a Mediterranean cruise. It may be rough in winter but it can be even more beautiful and captivating. Whatever the weather it’s always comfortable on board.

Norway Fjord Cruises The Adventure Paradise