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Fishing Norway The Holiday of a Life Time

Fishing Holiday in Norway – Sea, Fjord and Freshwater

It will come as no surprise that fishing is very popular in Norway. With such an abundance of freshwater lakes, salt water fjords and a magnificent coastline anyone with fishing in their blood is guaranteed to find something to suit their taste. 

 Fishing norway

With accommodation to suit all budgets and friendly local guides, everyone can enjoy a fishing holiday in Norway from novice to expert. Fishing deep waters, 200-400 meters, is something all sports fishermen dream about. 

Example Fishing Resort. North Norway Fishing Holiday

Normally the catch will be Ling, Torsk, Halibut and Codfish. This is a dream come true, for many a fisherman here. A lot of sportfishing records are produced in this area. Normally we drop the anchor and fish with bait, waiting for the big catch.

Sometimes drifting is also possible, weather dependent.

As we have several partners, we can bring larger groups out fishing as well, if needed. Perfect for companies, and bigger groups.

Join us for an adventure, and try catching the big one. Best time of the year is March-June. Coarse fishing, game fishing, deep sea fishing; whatever your favoured sport then Norway can oblige in the most spectacular way possible!

Norway Fishing

With a coastline the length of Norway, its no wonder that the Norwegians are known for their love of fish. This type of fishing, is carried out closer to shore, and normally brings more species onboard. Fishing for species is often more interesting, and a bit lighter for people not so experienced in this sport.

If you have doubts what fits your group best, please contact us for information. Normal catches are Cod, Herring, Haddock, Coalfish, Ling, Mackerel, Haddock and Pollack. Test your fighting power with a big Haddock. Lots of fun…. Once the ice has set, Norwegian ice fishing enthusiasts hit the ice. Norway Fishing

If you are patient and dressed warmly, a day of ice fishing can be an experience in a class of its own. Nature, tranquillity and the excitement of not knowing what you will catch are important elements. Ice fishing regulations are the same as for fresh water fishing.

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