Cabins Norway Holiday Like a Norwegian!

 Cabins Norwayare situated deep in the forest or by the sea and a must for anyone seeking tranquillity and nature.

Cabins Norway and country cottages are very popular with Norwegian holidaymakers as well as foreign tourists alike.

 Cabins Norway

While many of these are old, they are generally very comfortable and there are also a growing number of modern cottages built in the traditional style in resorts such as Lyngorporten.

Many Norwegians open up their family holiday cabins to rent. Norway Direct is able to offer you a wide range of these log cabins as well as a wide range of other holiday accommodation.

If you need more information then please do contact us. We have first hand knowledge of what is available, what the area is like, and what you can expect from your cabins Norway Holiday.

Cabins Norway in the South and West Norway

The south of Norway is the country’s summer playground. Cabins Norway are perched on the the sunny shores of the Skaggerak with beaches and a multitude of islands to explore make this area a delight to visit. And the fun doesn’t stop when the summer ends, because just around the corner in winter are the snow laden mountains.

The west coast of Norway is home to dramatic nature, breathtaking fjords and Norway in a Nutshell. But it’s not right making you choose between the south and west of the country – you’ll just have to come back here again. We wont need to twist your arm!

You will find cabins for rent along the coast and fjords, in the woods, valleys and mountains. Some are available for very short periods, others for a minimum of one week. Standards vary from the extremely simple to the very luxurious. What they all offer, however, is the opportunity to experience the traditional Norwegian cottage cosiness that just can not compare with staying in a room in towns.

At the cabin you organise your time as you like. Or more to the point not organise it at all. Simply enjoy life!

In Norway there is no formal Cabin star rating system, As what is sheer luxury to some would be sheer hell to others.

General Notes on Log Cabin Holidays Norway

Cleaning is often not included in the price of the cabin. This would be done on departure by the outgoing guests. Or you may arrange for cleaning at a fixed rate.

Bedding is not often included in the price of the rental. Bedding usually can be rented by the week. Be sure to ask.

Hems. This is a loft area… often with a steep ladder (ideal for older children) that will have bed places. Normally arranged in an open plan arrangement.

Holidays in Norway

Norway Cabins, Cottages and Holiday Ideas Getting away from it all the Norwegian way.

Cabins and country cottages are very popular with Norwegian holiday makers as well as foreign tourists. Often these cabins (the Norwegian word is hytte) are situated deep in the forest or by the sea and a must for anyone seeking tranquility and nature. 

Norway Direct is happy to provide holidaymakers from the UK and around the world with some great ideas for your next summer holiday or winter break. Cabins by the sea or Cabins inland. Norway Direct can help find your perfect retreat.

Contact us and find out how we can help you plan your holiday in Norway

Norway though it is not often thought of as a place for summer holidays, Norway has far more than you can possibly imagine there are quiet seaside beaches, temperatures well into the 20’s, and as much sun as you can soak up.

Then there is the quality of the air. The smell of the forest, wildlife in abundance magnificent nature and picturesque towns. Norway offers an abundance of outdoor activities for those looking for a more active holiday.