Activity Holidays Norway The Adventure Paradise

Norway the Adventure Paradise

Activity Holidays Norway. Norway likes to make good use of its abundance of natural resources and that doesn’t stop when it comes to having fun. Whether it be climbing mountains, white water rafting or mountain biking, you will be hard pressed to find such challenging and rewarding conditions any closer to Britain. 

activity holidays norway 

Activity Holidays Norway

Norway is one of the best wilderness destinations in the world, renowned for its combination of spectacular scenery perfect for adventure. Activity Holidays Norway. Possibilities range from the art of all types of fishing through hiking, skiing and rock climbing all the way up to high adrenaline white water rafting, bungee jumping and and parasailing.

Thanks to Norway’s is 1000-year-old all of man’s right traditional states in the law, anyone is legally entitled to a hike or skate across uncultivated, wilderness areas, including  fields and pastures, for up to 2 days, as long as there as it’s is more than 150 m from a dwelling.

Activity Holidays in Norway you can cycle ride or ride horseback on all parts and roads, and canoe kayak row and sail on all rivers and lakes. However these freedoms come with some responsibility is not legal to light fires between 15 April and 15 September, not to litter or damage local pants and wildlife. Hunting too needs a permit. You must leave cultural sites perfectly intact and take ltter home to leave the countryside in a pristine condition. 

Warning for Activity Holidays in Norway

When scrambling, travelling cross country or hiking in Norway through exposed areas, be prepared for sudden weather changes. Never venture onto glacial ice without the proper equipment or guides. Stay away from potential avalanche areas which are particular rife in the Jotenheimen mountain range.
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